Hors D'oeuvres

Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

Fire roasted peppers with sharp parmesan cheese Bruschetta

Homemade pizza with fresh tomato & basil

Focaccia with olive oil & fresh Italian Herbs

Homemade Stromboli

Miniature meatballs in a white wine sauce

Mushrooms stuffed with crab imperial

Prosciutto wrapped melon

Tomato and fresh mozzarella on skewers

Sun-dried tomato & fresh mozzarella on skewers

Spinach and feta cheese in filo

Miniature hotdogs wrapped in puff pastry

Teriaki Chicken Skewers

Mediterranean Antipasto Skewers

Chicken Quesadillas 

Miniature arancini (Sicilian rice balls)*

Miniature spedini*

Jumbo shrimp cocktail*

Fried shrimp on skewers*

Fried calamari*

Clams casino*

Seafood Salad*

Scallops wrapped in bacon*

Miniature crab cakes*

Smoked Salmon over a crostini*

Jumbo crab claws*

Assorted Cheese Tray with crackers

(*Price depends on selection)

We also offer Buffet Hors D' oeuvres